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Jean-Klaas Gunnink

DevOps Engineer living in Perth, Western Austalia


Improving reliability, stability and user experience with a serverless app using AWS Lambda and SQS

Implementing a queueing system for serverless workloads to provide a fast, responsive user experience and improve stability and reliability on the way.

Jean-Klaas Gunnink

4 minute read

A short while ago, I wrote about how I converted my Ruby on Rails application over to a serverless architecture reducing my need for running a server with a rails app, relational database and so forth. Something I completely forgot about was the side worker I had implemented using Sidekiq - a gem created to handle processing tasks. Given I was serving static content out of my S3 bucket, and the processing was a lambda that would be fired each time a user ran, I didn’t think that it would…

Rails to Serverless: A Christmas Story

Re-writing a Ruby-on-Rails application to a serverless architecture saving money and management overhead in the process

Jean-Klaas Gunnink

6 minute read

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a server was stirring, not even a mouse! This meant that my side project Secret Santa was not being used, yet is still highly available with no running costs! Why? Well, because on Christmas Eve, you might be too late to organise a secret santa and when an app is not in use when it comes to serverless, you don’t pay. Merry Christmas!

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